Entrada/Main Dish



Pupusa Platter
Fresh hand made tortilla filled with choice of pork chicharron* or shredded chicken, hearty vegetables, cheese, loroco and savory refried black beans.

  • Chicharron/Pork*
  • Pollo/Chicken
  • Make your own

For those looking for vegetarian options we offer bean and cheese, zucchini and cheese or for the purist, just plain cheese with loroco.*

  • Queso Y Frijoles/Cheese and Beans
  • Ayote/Zucchini
  • Queso con loroco/Cheese and loroco

Crisp fried maize pockets stuffed with choice of spiced beef or chicken, cheese and diced vegetables.

Yucca Frita
Thick cut cassava root blanched and then golden fried.